Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

QCi’s intellectual property portfolio is an ever-growing set of patents developed by our in-house researchers either during their time at the Steven’s Institute of Technology or while at QCi.

The following diagram shows that all of QCi’s IP portfolio is related to the core capabilities of Quantum computing, imaging and sensing, or cybersecurity.

Patent List

Discriminate remote sensing and surface profiling based on superradiant photonic backscattering

Method and apparatus for quantum measurement via mode matched photon conversion

Chip-integrated device and methods for generating random numbers that is reconfigurable and provides genuineness verification

Approaches, apparatuses and methods for lidar applications based on- mode-selective frequency conversion

Systems and methods for quantum-secured, private-preserving computations

Super ising emulator with multi-body interactions and all-to-all connections

Devices and methods for low voltage optical modulation

Machine learning mapping for quantum processing units

Variational analog quantum oracle learning