One technology, many applications

Using quantum optics and nanophotonics to solve real world problems is a new and emerging field with new applications constantly being discovered. We are exploring high performance computing, cybersecurity, imaging, and sensing all from this same starting point.

One technology, many applications

Quantum machines for a brighter future

The QCi core technology is based upon leveraging light and it’s quantum mechanical properties as a versatile tool that, when manipulated in correctly, can be used as a component for many different applications.

Quantum machines for a brighter future

The value in quantum today

Light has many interesting properties that can be exploited to create advantageous technology solutions, including quantum mechanical properties. However, there are many other advantages of using photonic technology, such as

  • high bandwidth

  • fast processing

  • low energy consumption

that makes for a unique expanding technological toolkit for solving complex problems that are otherwise intractable or inefficient.

The value in quantum today

A new foundation

We are proud to be able to manufacture optical hardware that is completely unique to the industry. By manufacturing with Lithium Niobate, we are able to harness all the power of photonic technologies as well as leveraging some quantum mechanical effects, including...

A new foundation

High performance computing

We are creating server compatible, room temperature operable, ultra low power HPC technology including quantum optimization machines for binary and integer optimization, and reservoir computers for directed AI.

Quantum computing

Dirac systems are portable, low power, and room temperature qubit and qudit entropy quantum computers (EQC). A Dirac system solves problems of Objective Function Minimization and Maximization for binary and integer optimization by finding the ground state of a complex system with many intercorrelated variables.

Reservoir computing

Photonic reservoir computers are opto-electronic time delay feedback reservoir devices, delivering a remarkable 1.25G nodes per second and boasting the capacity for up to 60,000 virtual nodes. This compact powerhouse is tailor-made for intricate time series analysis, proficiently managing everything from real-time data streams to sophisticated temporal pattern recognition.

Sensing and imaging

We are creating technology that uses single and few photon sensing and imaging capabilities using proprietary methods to extract phase information from light and using temporal gating and quantum mode projection with a variety of civilian and defense applications

Remote sensing

We developed a platform technology for remote sensing which allows us to create high-resolution, low-cost devices for a variety of applications. The key technological differentiator which enables all our remote sensing applications is the ability to collect and analyze single or several photons, and extract information from them by using temporal gating.

Single photon imaging

QCI’s single photon-sensitive optical imaging system is capable of reconstructing three-dimensional image structures hidden behind obscurants such as skin and tissue.

Quantum cybersecurity

We are creating hardware for the future of cybersecurity, including quantum authentication quantum random number generation, and discrete components for the quantum internet

Quantum random number generator

uQRNG is a portable device that provides genuine random numbers directly from quantum processes. uQRNG can be used as a standalone device or integrated into other hardware modules as a quantum entropy source, enabling solutions for seeding and creation of random keys for cryptographic protocols, trustworthy choices in gaming and lottery, fair selection and distribution in blockchain, or unbiased randomness in simulation.


QCi's quantum authentication eliminates vulnerabilities inherent in classical cryptographic schemes by offering a comprehensive entanglement-based quantum cyber solution that seamlessly integrates into existing telecom fiber and communication infrastructure. This groundbreaking design incorporates interchangeable local measurement devices, enabling the concurrent operation of multiple cryptographic protocols. QCi’s solution is engineered to be compact, cost-effective, and operational at room temperature, offering a versatile and accessible solution for secure quantum communication and authentication.