Introduction to uQRNG


uqrng diagram

Welcome to our uniform quantum random number generator module. This resource will help you understand quantum randomness and how to use it with our uQRNG device.

Module Contents

  1. API Quick start guide

  2. QRNG white paper

  3. QRNG spec sheet

Module overview

1. API Quick start guide

The QRNG API Quickstart Guide provides free access to the uQRNG service for obtaining quantum random numbers. Users can access up to 1 billion bits per month with a maximum request size of 1 million QRNs. The guide outlines steps for obtaining an access token, including submitting a form to receive an API token.

2. QRNG white paper

This paper introduces Quantum Computing Inc.'s Uniform probability distributed Quantum Random Number Generator (uQRNG), emphasizing the critical role of random number generation in cryptography and various scientific fields. It compares pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs) to quantum random number generators (QRNGs), highlighting the latter's ability to produce unbiased sequences. QCI's uQRNG, based on photon detection in a superposition of time modes, is detailed, focusing on its ability to generate random numbers with a uniform probability distribution.

3. uQRNG Spec Sheet

The uQRNG Spec sheet provides quick and basic information about the Uniform probability distribution quantum random number generator.


After completing this module, you should have a basic understanding of what the uQRNG system is and how to use it.