QCi’s quantum photonic vibrometer is an innovative cost-effective solution for various remote sensing applications in challenging operational environments. QCi’s vibrometer is ideal for sensing over long distances, in low visibility, and in environments with a lot of interference. The vibrometer uses leading-edge quantum photonic sensing techniques to achieve high speed, single photon sensitivity, and an unprecedented level of noise rejection. Operating at an eye-safe wavelength, it can accurately characterize the vibrational spectra with vibration amplitude as low as 100 nanometers.

Capabilities and applications

QCi’s quantum photonic vibrometer can be used for many different unique applications.

Humane landmine identification

Long range voice detection and reconstruction through obscured media

Improved non-destructive evaluation testing of material properties

Safer surveillance & detection

Structural health monitoring




13.4 pounds


14 x 14 x 6 inches

Power supply

120 V/AC or 12 V/DC

Operating temperature

0 - 70 °C / 32 - 158 °F

Frequency range

30 - 25,000 hertz

Working distance

Upon request

Minimum detectable vibration amplitude

Upon request