Entanglement Source

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Light sources for generating entangled photon pairs are critical for quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum-enhanced metrology. QCi’s high dimensional single photon source allows users to generate entangled photons for a variety of applications. This photon pair source uses a fiber-coupled periodically poled lithium niobate crystal to produce broadband entangled photons across the entire telecom C-band via spontaneous parametric down-conversion. QCi’s source is highly customizable, robust, compact, and suitable for advanced research and industrial applications.

Capabilities and applications

This rack-mountable entangled photon source demonstrates remarkable stability over more than 12 hours, ensuring prolonged periods of reliable entanglement. The source’s high brightness enables its operation in photon-starved environments, making it resilient for both fiber and free space transmission across extensive distances. Using either polarization or time-frequency based entanglement, the photon pairs form the entanglement source can be used for numerous applications, such as

Quantum key distribution

Quantum authentication

Quantum metrology

Quantum networking

Time synchronization system

Fundamental physics studies


Generation rate
(pairs/power/unit time)

5 million pairs/1uW/s

Coincidence-to-accidental count


Wavelength ranges

1534.3 nm ~ 1566.4 nm

Operating temperature

15 C to 55 C

Laser pump source

775 nm