QCi’s first reservoir computing product is a photonic-inspired edge device that is optimized to instantiate recurrent neural networks. This device can be used to solve a variety of problems related to serial data structures including time series prediction, image recognition, and text classification. It is fast, affordable, energy-efficient, and brings the power of a standalone edge computing to your desktop.

Capabilities and applications

Our FPGA-based analog reservoir computer is built for directed AI applications. Get started with EmuCore via our Introduction to reservoir computing learning module.


Time series prediction

Data processing with feedforward algorithms



170 mm x 90 mm x 55 mm


0.6 kg

Power requirements

USB-C input power control with 45W power adaptor

Typical power consumption


Operating temperature

0°C to 70°C

Data interface

10/100/1000 wired ethernet

Transient response rate

10M nodes/sec

Number of internal nodes

up to 8,192 internal nodes